Tips for Selecting the Right Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer


It’s crucial that you can count on the equipment you use when it’s put to the test.

Telescoping hydraulic cylinders are no exception. These hardworking cylinders—common in such things as dump trucks, cranes and lifts—are called on to handle heavy loads under tight, often difficult, conditions.

Knowing that your telescoping hydraulic cylinder will be put to hard use requires that you partner with a trusted manufacturer who can deliver the long-lasting low-maintenance quality you need.

Below are tips for selecting the right telescoping hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

Trusted Name

Choose a manufacturer with a history of producing high-quality components that others in your industry trust. Their employment roster should include a crew of highly trained engineers and other specialists with the necessary experience to execute your project to the highest level.

Customer Service

How well and how long your cylinder performs depends upon its manufacturing. Design, functionality and material choices all result in a dependable cylinder that will offer long, low-maintenance life. Select a partner that prioritizes customer service throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure you receive the exact cylinder you need.

In-House Production

A manufacturing partner offering comprehensive in-house design and production typically delivers greater levels of efficiency, oversight and quality assurance. Select a manufacturer with the capacity to handle your project from beginning to end.

At SHC, Inc., our entire team is dedicated to meeting customers’ requirements faster and better than anyone else. With rapid turnaround times and an efficient order, production and dispatch service, when you buy from us you can expect to get your goods on time and with budget.

Our cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities and commitment to quality design and materials makes us your top-choice for custom hydraulic cylinders in all configurations. Our telescoping hydraulic cylinders have the unique advantage of offering an exceptionally long output travel with compact retracted length.  Our sizes range from 1 inch to 10 inches in diameter, with lengths up to 14 feet.

Interested in learning more? Our staff is ready to help you get the cylinder, part or repair service you require. Call SHC, Inc. today at 877-390-3461 or visit our website to request a free quote.