Telescopic Cylinders

Cross Tube Mounts

Trunnion Mounts

SHC, Inc. has been manufacturing our own line of Telescopic cylinders for over 25 years! Our cylinders are 100% American made with the entire cylinder and its components manufactured here in our shop in Athens, TN. We build in two mounting styles, several bore sizes and in varying strokes. These cylinders are designed for high operating pressures (2500 P.S.I.), and many of these sizes are available for immediate delivery.


Our telescopic cylinders feature:

  • Re-buildable Construction
  • High Quality Adjustable Vee Packings
  • Choice of Mounting Styles, Cross Tube or Trunnion
  • Hard Chrome Plated Stages!!
Please note that the regularly stocked telescopic hydraulic cylinders are indicated by an asterisk (*). Feel free to contact our office to place an order for quick delivery.
For a personalized quote on a custom-built cylinder order, please fill out the Quote Sheet, and one of our design engineers will contact you right away.


Custom Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturing

We are telescopic cylinder manufacturers that provide our clients with a great selection of hydraulic cylinders in almost any dimensions. Our welded rod cylinders and shelf cylinders can be made to your exact requirements by our highly experienced team. Versatile and adaptable, we have the experience to create the products you need in line with your timetable and budget.

Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturers That Get the Job Done Quickly

When you use us for your hydraulic cylinders, what you will notice is that our lead times are well within your needed range. We are usually able to complete your job within a month or so – far less than the two or three months commonly quoted elsewhere. This applies to almost any job: we can even craft larger and more complex cylinders in far less time than you would expect.

Personalized Service from Expert Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturers

We pride ourselves on offering an individualized service that is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our team has a good understanding of the challenges our customers face, which is why we offer a fast, efficient service that gives you the premium cylinders you need for a competitive price. To find out more about the cylinder options we offer, or to tell us more about your requirements, call us at (800) 737-8988.

Stage Dia. Bore Load Capacity
@1500 PSI
Load Capacity
@2000 PSI
Load Capacity
@2500 PSI
2 2.5 4,700 6,200 7,800
3 3.5 10,600 14,100 17,600
4 4.5 18,800 25,100 31,400
5 5.5 29,400 39,200 49,000