How to Bleed Air from a Single-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Single-acting hydraulic cylinders are widely used in equipment, such as dump trucks, fork lifts and excavators.

The primary advantages of single-acting hydraulic cylinders:

  • They are simple to install.
  • They are economical.
  • They are easy to maintain.

Keeping your single-action hydraulic cylinder in great shape is needed for your machinery to operate as intended. This requires occasionally bleeding air from the system to maintain efficiency.

The following two-step process allows you to simply bleed air from your cylinder to improve its performance.

Step 1: Bringing Air to the Top

To do this, extend the cylinder to its full capacity and let sit for several minutes. This will allow the air to rise to the top. 

Step 2: Releasing the Air

To do this, partially close the cylinder and open the bleed valve at the top. This will provide an escape route for the trapped air. Leave the valve open until hydraulic fluid flows out, indicating that the air is fully released. You can then close the valve and continue operating the cylinder as normal.

As hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, we make cylinders for a wide range of applications:

  • For road working and railroads, hydraulic cylinders are designed for high-cycle applications. Typical head styles include an internally threaded gland, or an externally threaded nut for retention in environments where a great deal of vibrations is present.
  • In waste collection/removal or excavation, hydraulic cylinders need to be highly reliable and have a strong longevity. A great amount of engineering needs to go into these cylinders in order to ensure durability and high cycle operation.
  • Hydraulic cylinder requirements for truck cranes range from simple, single-acting steering applications to double counterbalance valves capable of holding a load in the case of a system failure.
  • For material handling, safety is of the utmost importance as the issues needing to be dealt with are as much about the people working in the vicinity as they are about the material being moved.

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