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Quality and Most Durable
Hydraulic Cylinders in the Industry

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Our Custom Capabilities Allow Us to Offer
Limitless Design Flexibility and Innovation


SHC, Inc.
has closed our Repair Department
effective Nov. 1, 2021.


Expert Manufacturers of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

At SHC, Inc., we are experts at creating custom hydraulic cylinders for your needs. We make single acting, double acting, and telescopic welded rod cylinders in a time frame typically 2 to 10 weeks quicker than any other manufacturer.

Efficiency is our specialty which is why we can be competitive when producing your specialized cylinders. You’ll soon find out why we’ve been the leading custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in the US since 1989.

Customers come to us for speed and efficiency. Customers stay with us because of quality service and quality cylinders. Every component of every cylinder is manufactured at our Athens, TN facility so you can expect the unparalleled quality of a 100% American made product. We oil test each and every cylinder we manufacture to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders For All Industries

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of custom-built, welded hydraulic cylinders for a variety of industries and can craft custom hydraulic cylinders for any application imaginable. If your hydraulic cylinder requires small quantities (one-time or repetitively) or short lead times, we can accommodate your needs. For large quantities, our precision and repeatability is second to none.

Because we create and manufacture our own custom hydraulic cylinders, we have almost limitless scope when it comes to innovation and design flexibility. Whatever kind of custom hydraulic cylinder you need – from a single acting rod cylinder to telescopic hydraulic cylinder – for any application, ranging from road work to waste removal to automotive recovery, our engineers will tailor-make a cylinder specifically for you.

Leading Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

SHC, Inc. has been one of the leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturers since 1989, and will continue to offer high quality, custom-made hydraulic cylinders for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), in any industry.

Whether you’re looking for a single or double acting, hydraulic cylinder, a telescoping hydraulic cylinder, or any other in between, we are your experts. Call us today at 800-737-8988.