Roadtec - Rick Gray, Purchasing Agent

There are many cylinder suppliers out there today. We recently moved a product line of more than 30 cylinders to Southern Hydraulic. The engineering, production and delivery has gone smoother than I could have hoped for. A win for both of our companies.

Roadtec - James Rodriguez, Purchasing Agent

As a customer for over 20 years, I can assure you that Southern Hydraulics is the only place that you should be considering for your cylinder needs. They are responsive, competitively priced and willing to go the extra mile when the situation calls for it. Their quality is second to none and is only exceeded by their customer support.

Miller Industries Towing Equipment - Alan McDavid, Purchasing Manager

SHC, Inc. has been a trusted and valued vendor for Miller Industries since 1989, supplying quality parts, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them.

Waste Processing Equipment, Inc. - Michael Ferry, President

In 2011 we realized our need to establish a relationship with a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer who could handle the high demands of our company. This included the ability to efficiently design cylinders for our applications and then manufacture those cylinders in an equally efficient manner – all while providing great customer support. SHC, Inc. has met or exceeded our expectations. We can say, without reservation, that SHC, Inc. is among our top vendors.