5 Reasons Welded Hydraulic Cylinders are the Best Choice












Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in construction, agriculture and manufacturing to perform the toughest jobs—requiring that they reliably perform under extraordinary stress.

There are two main types of hydraulic cylinders: tie rod cylinders and welded body cylinders, distinguished by their basic construction.

Tie rod hydraulic cylinders use high-strength threaded steel rods to hold the end caps to the cylinder barrel. Small cylinders typically have four tie rods; larger cylinders can have as many as 20.

By comparison, in welded hydraulic cylinders the ports are welded to the barrel and barrel is welded directly to the end caps.

Here are 5 reasons welded hydraulic cylinders are the best choice, particularly in demanding applications.

  • Welded hydraulic cylinders are easily customizable for specific applications.
  • Welded hydraulic cylinders are easier to maintain. The front rod gland is bolted or threaded into the cylinder barrel, allowing the piston rod assembly and seals to be removed for service.
  • Welded hydraulic cylinders are more rugged by design, making them more reliable and more durable over time.
  • Welded hydraulic cylinders have superior seal packages, which can increase the life of the cylinder if it comes into contact with contaminants or is subject to weather.
  • Welded hydraulic cylinders have lower profiles than tie rod cylinders, making them ideal for applications when space is a factor.

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