Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

At SHC, Inc. we specialize in custom made telescopic, double acting, and single acting hydraulic cylinders. Our 100% American made cylinders offer years of dependable service with minimal maintenance requirements.

There are many benefits to using a custom hydraulic cylinder. They’re the ideal choice for unique machinery and equipment that need unique sizes, or to replace old cylinders whose OEM is no longer in business. All of our cylinders are welded type to ensure durability and a perfect, reliable seal. We also manufacture all parts of the cylinder and paint our custom cylinders in house at our Tennessee manufacturing facility.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 1” diameter to 12” diameter
  • Up to 14 feet in length
  • DOM honed tubing
  • Hard chromed rods (other options are available)
  • Ductile iron for our pistons and glands(heads), aluminum available
  • Crosstube and trunnion mounting options

Call us today to discuss your custom requirements and specifications. Our engineers can design the perfect cylinder for your application and start production to get your custom cylinder in your hands faster than you think! 800-737-8988