What You Get When You Order a Custom Telescopic Cylinder

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc., we won’t just sell you a telescopic cylinder; we will actually build one to your specifications. We have our own line of cylinders which we have been manufacturing in our own facility for over 25 years.

This makes a very real difference for our customers. We assure full quality control at each step of the process from the design and specifications of the cylinder through to the actual manufacturing and testing. With this in-house control over the process, our cylinders are designed and built to last, outperforming many of our competitor’s cylinders.

Designing Our Cylinders

With our approach to providing telescopic cylinder designs for a wide variety of industries and applications, we can customize the cylinder to your needs. To help us create the perfect cylinder for your needs, there are several factors we will need to know.

A telescoping cylinder will fit any type of application where there is a need for a long stroke but a small cylinder size, which is also known as the cylinder profile. The use of the telescoping design of the rod can provide between 20 and 40% extension over a solid rod in a cylinder. This adds an extra 20 to 40% lift or push range without having to create a long cylinder that wouldn’t be practical.

The length of the telescopic cylinder is a factor of the weight (load capacity) as well as the bore size and the pounds per square inch (PSI) for system. By talking with you personally, our design engineers can fully understand the requirements of the cylinder and provide the right design to stand up to the job.

We also offer both cross tube and trunnion mounts, allowing flexibility in the design of the system. These cylinders will also feature hard chrome plate on all stages, which adds to the long life and smooth operation of all of our standard and custom telescopic cylinders.

When you’re ready for a different way to fill your needs for telescopic cylinders, contact Southern Hydraulic Cylinder to discuss your application! 1-800-737-8988