We Love Welded Hydraulic Cylinders!

SHC, Inc. specializes in manufacturing custom welded hydraulic cylinders. There are several reasons why we choose to focus in on this type of cylinder as opposed to the tie-rod hydraulic cylinder design.

Our manufacturing focuses on single and double acting cylinders. These are low maintenance cylinders that are true workhorses, able to operate in extreme conditions and with continual use. They are a heavier and more substantial type of cylinder, with strong, robust components that are built to last.

Load Capacity

Generally, tie-rod cylinders are used for light to moderately heavy types of loads. There is some overlap as to the load capacity for tie-rod and welded hydraulic cylinders, but you will find the welded cylinders used almost exclusively for the moderate to heavy load capacities.

Of course, their construction and load capacity works as well for loads in the lower range. They are more of a general use cylinder in that respect, making them an ideal option for a wide range of applications.

Custom Designs

While known for strength and durability, our welded hydraulic cylinders are not bulky making them suitable for use with a broad range of equipment, machines, and systems. We can create custom hydraulic cylinders that are designed for your specific application.

This is ideal for an OEM, prototype development or for a replacement cylinder that is no longer available. Our team will work closely to understand the specific requirements for the cylinder, and then we complete manufacturing and finishing.

We have recently enhanced our services to add an in-house wash and paint line. This allows us to clean cylinders using a combination of pre-treatment and heated solution for a superior process. Then, we oven-dry the cylinder and move into our painting process. This is also state-of-the-art offering an automatic conveyor thatprovides continual spin for a beautiful, even coat of paint with every cylinder. Contact us attyp