The Different Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

While all hydraulic cylinders have the same basic function- moving a load, there are different types that are ideal for different purposes. Before you start shopping for the right cylinder for your needs, it’s critical to fully understand how each type can benefit your application.


The most common type of hydraulic cylinder is the standard, single acting style. This one works with most applications and can provide the power you need for a number of purposes. However, they are best used in situations where there are no restrictions to the mounting space and high power is needed. Some of the most common applications include mobile machinery, offshore equipment, cranes, presses, shipbuilding and more.


As the name implies, telescopic hydraulic cylinders expand to greater lengths than the standard types, making them ideal for applications where lifting is a necessity. These pistons expand from two times to even greater lengths, depending on your specific needs. These cylinders are most commonly found in industrial and mobile systems that require lifting and dumping.


The tie-rod hydraulic cylinder is basically a standard cylinder with a certain kind of construction. These cylinders feature a tie rod at the top and bottom, as well as four additional tie rods that hold the cylinder together. This type of hydraulic cylinder is most commonly used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, transfer lines and more.

Finding the right hydraulic cylinders can be complicated if you don’t understand the different types that are available or their uses. While most people are familiar with how a standard cylinder may work, they may be unaware of the differences and how to choose the best option for the job. This quick guide will put you on the path to finding the perfect solution.

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