Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

At Southern Hydraulic Cylinder, Inc. we can custom-make single acting hydraulic cylinders. This type of system is made up of a pump, hose and the cylinder itself. The hydraulic fluid or oil is pushed into the connected hydraulic hose by the pump. Inside the connected hydraulic cylinder, the oil flows through the hose and then pushes and raises the piston out of the cylinder. The term “single” is applied to this set-up as there is a single hydraulic hose that pumps the oil into the bottom of the cylinder.

There are many benefits to using a single acting cylinder. It’s the ideal choice for applications where gravity, weight or other assisting forces are present to move the cylinder in one direction. It is often less costly than its double acting counterpart and can be mounted in any position so that it can be used in a wide range of mobile and industrial applications.

You can also select whether you want gravity or spring return and the kind of piston or ram type, based on your application. Our high degree of customization allows us to be able to create a custom-fit product that will perfectly fit your needs. Just fill out our quote form for custom single rod cylinders and let us know what you need, so that we better understand your system requirement and get a conversation started. We highly encourange including a drawing file in .pdf format which will also help us provide you with an accurate estimate of your requirements.

Custom Cylinder Capabilities

We can manufacture the following:

  • Welded Cylinders
  • 1” diameter to 12” diameter
  • Up to 14 feet in length
  • We use DOM honed tubing
  • We use hard chromed rods (other options are available)
  • We use ductile iron for our pistons and glands(heads), aluminum available
  • We manufacture all our own valve blocks, flow control devices, etc.
  • Limitless mounting options
  • We use Sun Valves
  • We make all parts of the cylinder, in house!

We also carry a stock line of single acting, telescopic cylinders that are designed to operate at pressures up to 2500 psi and can be used for many applications. Most of these are in stock and available for immediate delivery.