The Single Acting Cylinder And Other Hydraulic Cylinder Products

Hydraulic cylinders are highly valuable in the industrial world for the high force and linear motion they produce, which allowed for almost all industries to make amazing advancements.

Single Acting Cylinders

One common type of cylinder that is particularly in-demand is the single acting cylinder, which delivers numerous benefits. These cylinders have one single hydraulic fluid connection. The hydraulic oil that enters the cylinder moves a piston in a single direction. The force of the cylinder is then built up in that same direction. If it is necessary for the piston to go back to its original position, the oil can simply be pushed back into the line that supplied it via a mechanical spring. The spring pushes the piston back to its original position. This particular part features an exhaust hole that prevents low or excess pressure from being generated as a result of the piston’s movement.

Benefits of Single Acting Cylinders

At SHC, Inc., we offer high-quality single acting cylinders that provide several benefits. For instance, these products have a defined position, which can be helpful in the case of a power failure. A single acting cylinder’s easy actuation through a 3/2-way directional control valve as well as the reduced oil consumption associated with it further makes it an invaluable product for many modern-day industrial applications.

Single acting cylinders take two different forms: spring-extended or spring-return. Our experts can advise you on the best one to select for your application:

Spring-Extended Cylinders

The spring-extended type of cylinder is best suited for a tool-holding fixture since spring force can hold a single workpiece indefinitely. The workpiece is then released from the cylinder when the hydraulic pressure is applied. One common application of these types of cylinders is parking brakes.

Spring-Return Cylinders

The spring-return type of cylinder is more common than the spring-extended version. The spring-return cylinder’s cap end receives pressurized fluid so that the piston rod can be extended. When fluid flows out of this cap end, force is exerted by the return spring on the piston rod to retract it. Factory automation, particularly for material handling, represents a widespread application involving the use of spring-return types of cylinder types.

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