The Difference in Our Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

With some parts and components of equipment and machinery, the risk of failure is very low, which means spending a lot of time finding the right manufacturer is not time well spent.

For other parts, such as hydraulic cylinders, the quality, durability, maintenance requirements and the life cycle expectancy is critical. When a hydraulic cylinder fails, the equipment, machine or system is not going to work, meaning lost revenue for the days or weeks it takes to find a replacement.

At SHC, Inc., we have been in the business of engineering and manufacturing custom single acting hydraulic cylinders since 1989. With that experience and level of expertise, we are able to work closely with your engineers, mechanics and with Original Equipment Manufacturers to customize the ideal single acting cylinder for your needs.

Quality Control with In-House Capabilities

From designing the cylinder by our engineers to your approval and then throughout production, we focus on quality control. We also have our own precision CNC machining shop, so we manufacture everything in-house without having to subcontract or outsource work.

We also have our own in-house wash and paint line. This allows us to provide OEMs and those needing individual orders with the single acting hydraulic cylinders ready for installation.

Fast Turnaround Times from Order to Delivery

We know our customers need their replacement or new single acting hydraulic cylinders as quickly as possible. Once we are able to get approval on the drawing from your team, we can typically complete a custom order within four weeks.

For OEMs and for individual orders, we also carry a top selection of standard cylinders already manufactured. These are ready for immediate shipment, which makes them the ideal option for many of our customers.

For the answer to any of your hydraulic cylinder questions, check out the FAQ section of our website or give us a call at 800.737.8988.